Joel Nanauka
Surviving The Crisis
While it is very true that, every crisis represents danger and loss but it is equally true that there are great opportunities every time the crisis happens. The patterns of the crisis have been researched and studied, and they have been proven to obey some principles that help those who know them to be winners.
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Tested Principles To Help You Emerge a Winner When Others Are Losing.

Will I Survive this CRISIS?. Every new day, bad news. Business are closing, Unemployment is rising, retrenchments, etc. While looks like everyone is losing, there are those who are gaining. While everyone looks like they are going down, there are those who are being lifted at this season. Which side are you?

I have written this eBook so as to help you as the leader to emerge a winner in crisis.

What will you learn in this eBook:

Ways to join the winners during crisis.

How to understand the purpose of the crisis and take advantage of it.

5 guidelines to follow in order to emerge as a winner in every crisis.

How top leaders should approach the crisis.