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Two Simple Ways to Attract Promotion in your Career


Making a specific progress at work place is not the function of how long you have been employed but rather on what value you generate.Every time you display you capacity in a new dimension you attract promotion to yourself. There are simple ways in which you can maximize your value at work today.

1) Put your excellence at the maximum

One thing you will need to keep in your mind always is; it is how you handle your current assignment that determines your next opportunity in your career.
The best way to attract new and higher opportunities is for you to put your best in your current assignment. Whatever assignment you are given today ask yourself; If I am tools would be given a higher position if I deliver the best results would I submit this the way it is now. Make sure you do everything with an idea in mind that, it might be your promotion opportunity of can block your next opportunity.
Show the highest level of excellence in everything.

2) Use the Learning curve concept

Every time you focus on a single assignment at a time and concentrate in it until you finish it, you are giving yourself the opportunity of spending less time as you go. The concept is; every time you stop your work and start again you lose the advantage of learning curve that you had started to acquire in the beginning.
Apply the principle of single undertaking and whenever you start your assignment, go ahead and finish it and avoid any distraction. By doing that, you will be able to achieve a lot of things in a short time.

I believe in your DREAM,
I believe in your ABILITIES,
I Believe in your FUTURE,
See You At the Top.
Joel Arthur Nanauka

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