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Three qualities to make you a GREAT leader


Being a leader is a process that require intentional training and acquisition of skills and necessary ingredients to become great leader.Today,i want us to look on three qualities that would make you great leader:1)You Must have a CAUSE

Leadership starts with a cause of which you stand for;being a leader is taking people with you in believing and doing something better for them.Those who want to be leaders without anything specific they want to achieve have ended up as liability for their society.In fact people are following you because of what you stand for and not who you are.The more clear you are about your cause,the more trust you will gain from your followers.Those who have been changing their cause everytime they have been labelled weaker and untrustworthy.

2)You must have CONVICTION

Conviction is your inner belief that what you are standing for is right and is the best option to change the situation of everyone for better.Your cause should bring you to a level of conviction that if necessary you will be a able to die for it.Finding a conviction to your cause means finding a reason to die for.

Therefore,leadership is not finding something to live for;but rather finding something ready to die for.This is what drove Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr;they believe in dying because of their conviction is okay as long as they are following their conviction.

Martin luther King Jr said–“If any man has not found something to die for,is not fit to live”

3)Posses Clear Vision

Vision is your mental picture of where you are going;it the picture of your future.The more you have clear vision and share it with your followers, more stronger you become.When people are able to interact with the future you want to build for them;it is very clear that you are becoming great leader.

In vision try hard to make corporate vision rather than individual vision.When people know that it is their vision and not your vision;they will be ready to risk anything to achieve it.

See You At The Top,


I believe in your DREAM,

I believe in your ABILITY,

I believe in your FUTURE.

Joel Arthur Nanauka



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