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Three important Questions to ask yourself about your Current Job.


As we are getting busy to work everyday, it is important to know that working is more than checking in and checking out of your office every day. Every commitment you make to work somewhere should be able to contribute to certain values of your major goals in life. To ensure that you are not wasting your time in whatever you are doing; there are few questions you will need to ask yourself-
1) Is your Job Making any difference to people
To understand that what you are doing is a worthwhile thing, it is one way of gaining self-esteem and motivation in what you are doing. The source of our greatness is in the difference we can make in the lives of others more than what we can do for ourselves. The most important concept of greatness is to understand that life is more of CONTRIBUTION than ACCUMULATION. If what you are doing doesn’t change someone’s life you would need to look beyond what you are doing and do more to change someone’s life.
Find an opportunity to change someone’s life beyond your regular assignment. Pay a school fee for one underprivileged kid, help a widow with a capital to start small business, defend the oppressed poor,help someone to get his/her stolen rights etc.
2)Are you learning something new
The essence of every job is not in getting your monthly salary but rather in gaining new knowledge every day. Your value in life is so much determined by the level of knowledge you possess in various areas of your life. You need to look for new skills and knowledge in what you do more than looking for the pay rise. This is crucial because, when your value increases in terms of skills and knowledge it will automatically attract higher level of payment.
The truth of the matter is, your paying level is solely determined by your skills level. List down every skill that you are gaining in whatever you doing now. Sometimes people fail to be observant on the new things they can learn; today can you pay attention to determine what you are learning in whatever you are doing. The more new things you learn, the more competent you become.
3) Does what you are doing leads you somewhere you want to go
One of the mistake that many people do, is to go for any job simply because they want money. This option can only work as a back up plan and a temporary emergency measure.However,in a long run try as much as possible to look for something that connects you to your next step of the bigger picture.
Ask yourself a question now; is what am doing  leading me into what I want to become in future? If not ,then you would need to take the necessary step to ensure that whatever you are doing doesn’t amount to the wastage of time but rather as a preparation and connection to your future.


Joe Arthur Nanauka

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