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Strategies to Eliminate failures in your new week


As you are about to start a new week,today i want to share with you three  important lessons on creating a great week for yourself.I remember when i was reading a book by Jeff Olson,He said..What makes greatness is not the one one big step that happens suddenly but rather small consistence efforts towards a specific direction.People who have achieved more they observe three things that make their progress very effective in each week;

1)They Keep their major goal at the center of their week plan

It is very normal to be so much occupied by routine responsibilities to the extent that we forget the bigger picture of where we want to get at the end of the year.I believe you still have your 2015 resolutions;that is your road map towards your greatness.May i challenge you to recall your major goals for this year and ask yourself:What things will i do in this week that contributes to my annual goals?

Whatever the answer may be,write it down to be among the things that you must accomplish this week no matter what.In fact never allow yourself to miss an answer to this because missing the answer to this question means this week  shall never contribute anything to your major goals.Write something down and implement it.

2)They Start with the Most rewarding assignment

It is a common response for human being to look for what is easy even when it is less rewarding at the expense of that which is hard and rewarding.As you are about to start your week make sure you start with the most rewarding assignment(the assignments that count most for your progress)Never allow anything to distract you from starting with your important task.

You may decide to take a challenge now and ask yourself:What are the most rewarding tasks that are ahead of me this week.How do you know?Whatever task that has less impact in your success don’t start with it.The catching point here is;invest your best energy for something that is more important and rewarding instead of that which is less important and less rewarding.

3)They Use trigger principle

Many successful people are known to wake up early than average people.One of the things they do is to send email/Message requesting responses from everyone before they wake up;by the moment their colleagues wake up they already find the email in their inbox and that becomes the first assignment they will start doing before anything.Therefore those who start their day more earlier they have an advantage of determining what others will do first.

Trigger principles requires you to plan ahead and start demanding inputs from other people so that your work may be completed faster than your peers.When every =one opens his/her communication device;you have already placed demands from them.This gives you a slight edge in terms of accomplishment since you will have your inputs available in the early of the day.


Joel Nanauka

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