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Part 2:Simple things that will Make you a Succes this year




ple secrets make great difference in Life,learn what Successful people are doing and follow their steps top get their results..

13. Ask for Help

If you had any pride left, now’s the time to lose it. Go farther than learning from the best and ask them to help you, mentor you and teach you how to be the best. Don’t just observe, actively learn through a master’s teaching.

14. Respect

You won’t ever get to the top if you’re just a stepping stone for someone else’s ascent. But you won’t like yourself once you get there if you stepped on others during your own journey. Respect yourself and respect those around you. Do whatever it takes to be successful except treating others, or allowing yourself to be treated, with anything less than respect.

15. Don’t be Stupid with Your Money

Rich people are only rich as long as they don’t mismanage their money; no one stays wealthy by spending irresponsibly. Money is freedom, but recklessness is a path to financial ruin. Once you’re rich spend money like you’re poor and you might just stay rich for your entire life.

16. Take Calculated Risks

Playing the safe bet with every decision is never going to bring you major success. But that doesn’t mean you should play your career like a game of craps. Do your research, take informed risks, and learn when to risk a little in order to win big.

17. Use all Your Resources

Your world is full of tools that can help you get to where you want to be and be the best once you get there. Don’t let pride or laziness keep you from making use of every available resource. If you need help, ask others who have been where you want to be.

18. Success is Adding Value to Someone Else’s Life

Whether you offer a service or produce a product, and as long as you aren’t a thief, your work is nothing more than an exchange of value— money in exchange for your work. Make sure that, whatever you offer, it always adds more value than it costs. This mentality will ensure your success.

19. Get Over Your Hang-Ups with Money

If you have a problem with making money, how do you ever expect to be successful? If you have deep seeded issues with the wealthy, how will you learn from them? As long as you are constantly adding value to other lives you will never have any hang-ups about the money you make while doing it.

Here are the REAL facts about money:

A) Money is a vehicle to freedom.
B) Money is not evil, it doesn’t love or hate you, and it’s not something magical that “others” have and that you’ll never get.
C) The amount of money you accumulate is in direct correlation to the amount of value you add to the lives of others.

20. Do Things Because they’re Hard— Avoid ‘Easy’

If it isn’t hard, why do it? If it’s easy, why not pay someone a few bucks to do it? Don’t waste your time with easy; reserve your time for the most difficult and the most challenging. When something becomes too easy for you, find someone else to take over and start on your next challenge.

21. Live for Yourself by Living for Others

If you live solely for yourself you’ll never be satisfied, you’ll never be happy, and you will never be successful. But if you live your life to better the lives of others, all of your most selfish desires will be satisfied beyond your wildest dreams. A life of servitude is, in actuality, a life of mastery.

These really are the core traits and values that the top gurus in the world share with each other. I hope it helps you in your journey both professionally and personally.

Credits:Bedros Keuilian


John George

KAKA JOEL tangu nimeijua hii website yako, ninayojifunza ni mengi mno. keep posting na Mungu azidi kukujalia maarifa zaidi , ulichonacho plus nilichonacho daah I feel amani sana ktk hili life. God is alive, God is super.


Bravo Joel
Masomo yako yana mafunzo mazuri. ongera sana


Ahasnte,nafurahi kusikia hivyo Mary.

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