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Part 1:How to accomplish your Goals in 2016


In the beginning of the year,everyone gets excited on setting his goals,but it will surprise you to know that at the end of the year only few people manage to achieve it.You can learn how to achieve your goals in 2016 in these few simple steps and make 2016 your great year than ever before.It is possible:

1. Have a desire

What is that one thing that you truly desire? That one thing that makes you excited, keeps you up at night, makes you feel butterflies in your stomach?
This is not the moment to be logical and think what you should want in your life. Put your logic aside and listen to your heart. Allow yourself to desire whatever you want. You know the saying think big? Well, desire big, too!

2. Believe

You have to absolutely believe you can achieve your goal. If you start by doubting your possibilities one thing will happen for sure – you will fail. It’s been even proven by scientist and it’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy: what you expect, eventually manifest itself in your reality.
On the contrary, if you really believe you can do it, you wil start seeing all the possibilities to make it happen, you will have more courage and energy to chase your dreams.

It is not always easy to have that kind of faith. We have all failed more than once and we fear that we can fail again.
So what can you do to help yourself believe you can achieve your goals?
Set smaller goals for yourself first, so you can see and enjoy your small successes. Slowly, increase your goals. The worst thing you can do is set too big of a goal, something unrealistic. You almost force yourself to fail and prove to yourself that you are not strong enough. So start small. Build your faith and courage.

3. Write it down

There is something magical about writing things down. Psychologists have proven that we become more committed to what we write down versus what we say. So write down your goals.

Brian suggest a 3P formula for writing down your goals: use present, positive and personal statement.

That means that if your goal is to earn USD 500,000 by the end of the year, you should write: I earn USD 500,000 by the end of this year. You use verbs in present tense, you use positive language (you write what you want, not what you don’t want) and you write in 1st person:

4. Analyze your starting point

You know where you want to get. Analyzing where you are now allows you to understand what you will need to do. If your goal is to be 55kg then you need to know your current weight to know how much you need to lose and plan it accordingly.

Be honest with yourself. This is not the moment to allow your ego sabotage your efforts. Whatever your goal is, do a thorough analysis of your strengths and weaknesses in this area.

5. Determine why you want to excel in this area

Knowing why you want to achieve a particular goal will help you stay focused on it in moments of difficulties and doubt. Usually when we start working on a new project, we are very excited and super motivated. But those feelings don’t last forever. They usually come and go.
So take some time to write down at least 5 reasons why you want to achieve your goal. How will your life improve once you get it? How will your relationships look like?

Credits:Brian Tracy’s book on goals

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