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How to start Living your Dream Today


When Nelson Mandela said, “It looks impossible, until it is done” he simply summarized the concept of being courageous to start living your dream. Many have been waiting for the right time to do it, however there is one insight that when you have it, nothing can stop you:

There is nothing so stagnating like waiting to have either perfect conditions or enough resources for you to start doing what you have been dreaming. I have learnt that there are 4 things that happens when you decide to start where you are, with what you have-

Don’t wait to become Big to start;but rather start to Become Big Today-Joel Arthur Nanauka

i) You attract resources
It is very obvious no one would be ready to invest any of his resources (money, time etc) to someone who keeps on talking but does nothing. The best way to attract resources in your dream is to start living it.Simply put, your courage to start is your invitation card for the resources you need.

ii) You discover new opportunities
Once you start thinking of something is the moment you will start seeing opportunities relating to what you are focusing. Have you ever wondered when you bought your car(eg.Rav 4 black) you start noticing those car in plenty on the road than ever before? It is the simple principles that says-You always see with your eye that which has occupied your mind.

No matter how small it is; start today and you will be surprised by the number of opportunities you will be able to locate today.

iii) You learn More
Learning is a necessary process in your life of success; however there are some things that you will never learn than theoretically some have to be learnt practically. The moment you start doing it you will gain more knowledge and practical experience that will make you even more courageous to pursue more of your goals.

iv) You will find the better ways
Starting doing it now regardless of how small it is, will expose you to the hidden challenges that can never be discovered if you have not done them. Your brain has been designed in a way that every time you are faced with new challenges, you will look for a new solution. Therefore, the early you start, the early you discover new challenges and the late you start the late you will discover them. The earlier you discover the challenges and find the solutions for them, the earlier you will reach to your goal target.

I believe in your DREAM,
I believe in your ABILITIES,
I believe in your FUTURE,
See You At The Top.
Joel Arthur Nanauka.

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