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How to Motivate yourself Everyday

Kobe Bryant

Great achievers in life are known for being highly motivated every day on what they do and pursue for their life dream. Those who can’t maintain the motivational energy have always found it hard to stay on track and to achieve the extra-ordinary things in life. But the question is, how can someone manages to stay motivated each day while there is someone who needs encouragement daily? There are few things you may learn to become among the self-motivated individuals:

Those who wait to be MOTIVATED by SOMEONE,they end up being DISAPPOINTED by EVERYONE- Joel A. Nanauka

1) Take responsibility of your own Life.

Many people have left their lives on the hands of someone else in determining how they can feel for the rest of their day. People of have achieved greatness they have made a resolve in their lives that, everything that happens to them they are responsible and it is within their power to change it’s you start your day decide that you are not going to push blame to anyone except yourself.Blame declines your motivation power.

Take responsibility of whatever happens in your life today. If you manage to do this you will simply be in control and the feelings that someone is failing you or stopping you from becoming successful will not be there. The more you feel you are in control, the more you will feel motivated. No one can make your life better except yourself.

2) Start with your daily major goals.

It is a waste to use the best early hours of your day to chart and browse Facebook, twitter or entertainment sites. In His book, Eat that Frog; Brian Tracy suggests that you start with the most rewarding task that would probably be the hardest and the ugliest to start with.

Don’t start your day with what is easy and unimportant, but rather with what is important no matter how hard it is. Once you finish the major tasks of your day, you feel so energetic and the sense of success embrace you hence you feel more motivated than ever before.

3) Speak to yourself
The inner conversation you have in your heart is very important and major determining factor above what other people are saying unto you. Motivation is a result of a sense of good feeling about yourself and the expectations of the good moments ahead of you.

I have learn in practice that I can command my attitudes and feelings by speaking to myself. You can try this in seven days and you will be amazed with the results. Every morning when you wake up-Start your day with Positive affirmation about yourself and your day-“Today going to be more beautiful day than yesterday, I will never be stressed, no one shall take my joy, I am strong to face the challenges of the day etc.

The more you speak positive to yourself the more you feel positive about yourself and you become more motivated.
Don’t wait for someone to say it to you; speak to yourself Now!


I believe in your DREAM,
I believe in your ABILITIES,
I believe in your FUTURE.

See you At the Top
Joel Arthur Nanauka

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