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How to Achieve your Plans faster than ever before


Though everyone has a desire to accomplish what he wants in life, there are few people who can constantly make a move towards their desire. One of the common barrier to our progress is procrastination, simply put the tendency of “I will do it later, I will do it tomorrow”.
For anyone to become successful you must have the sense of urgency in your life and go for what you want before it is too late. There are few simple ways you can help yourself to avoid becoming Mr/Mrs.Tommorow.

1)Have an external enforcement
Everyone in life doesn’t want to be seen as a failure by any means; therefore it is in the wish of everyone’s heart to become successful in whatever s/he does.However,no one will know that we have failed except ourselves if the goals we had we kept it to yourself.
One way to motivate yourself to pursue your dream with speed is to share it with your trusted individuals. I have learnt that when we know that someone is expecting us to accomplish something; we tend to work even harder than ever possible. The truth is, not that we want to please them but rather we don’t want to be defined as failures by those who trust us. Therefore, if you want to enroll to your Masters or Phd Program, if you want to be saving a certain amount per month, if you want to start your business at certain month…Share with someone you trust and every time you meet him/her you will feel the inner reminder of what you said you would do even before you are asked.

2) Embrace Imperfection
Every perfect thing, once started as imperfect at one point. Infact, it is your courage to start it that make it finish. There are many times when people have failed to do things because they wait for perfection. They will tell you I am waiting until everyone give great comments so that I can do it.
I have met those who are saying, as long as I can’t do it better than it is god if I don’t do it at all. On my opinion, we would need to get to a point where we say we better start the best we can do and then learn to perfect it on the way. When Wrights Brothers were starting flying, their plane wasn’t like what we know today. It was so imperfect that even their father couldn’t believe that something god will come out of it.Don ‘t wait for the perfection, work out every day to gain it.

3) Be ready to start Small
I don’t have all that I want; I have little money; I have little education-These are some of the reasons that has made many people to seat aside and to try nothing in their life. The more you wait to have much than what you have, the more you lose even the little that you have.
There is a better way for you to make it in life; just go ahead and start with what you have. Don’t wait to become big to start but rather start with what you have, right where you are now.

I believe in your Dream,
I believe in your Abilities,
I believe in Your Future
Joel Arthur Nanauka

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