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In the simple research i have done at different times;it has brought me the results that on every 10 people only 2 people can comfortably say what is their life purpose.Many are not happy with their own life and they wish they could know how to change it,but what is reason for this?It is because they are living far away from their purpose.This shocking discovery led me to start special training on purpose discovery series.And today i just want to share with you some few highlights.

Though it is very important subject i have to admit that it is very tough exercise to most people.I have learnt that for anyone to discover himself has to understand these facts:

1)No one can discover your purpose  on your behalf

Many are times we wish that someone by magical power would come to tell us;why we were born and what we should do.I guess this is why many people admire foretelling gift because everyone wants to know their tomorrow.But  the truth of the matter is,Just like no matter how much husband loves his wife he can never breath for her so no matter how much someone loves you;you should be the one to discover it.

Spare your time and start inquiry today…Ask,Ask,Ask yourself until you have an answer to that.

2)Your Greatness is hidden in your purpose

If you could become great out of your purpose perhaps there would be no need at all to seek for your purpose.However,the unchanging truth is—It is close to impossible to become great out of your purpose.

Just like no fish will prosper outside water,so it is with you–You can hardly prosper outside your purpose.Outside of water Fish doesn’t die because it is weak,but because it is outside the purpose.Walking out of your  purpose attract natural failures.

3)You can know your purpose

Sometimes when i teach on purpose,many think that it has to do with very special people of peculiar abilities.It is important to know that—Everyone including you can determine their purpose.

It takes hunger and determination to understand why you were born,why you exist and where you are going.The good news is whoever seek shall find?


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You were born to become a Giant,


I believe in your DREAM,

I believe in your ABILITIES,

I believe in your FUTURE,

See you At The Top.

Joel Arthur Nanauka

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