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Devotion 17,Feb:You Were Born To Be A King


Revelation 5:10 KJV
“And hast made us unto our God KINGS and PRIESTS : and we SHALL REIGN on the EARTH ”

Glory to God!
Salvation not only moved people from darkness to Light but most importantly it introduced you to a new status of life:You became a KING.

Kings DON’T beg,Kings are NOT weak and Kings are POWERFUL . Every word from a king must be obeyed because it becomes a law.

The word says you shall reign on earth(The whole world,not only in your nation).This is your portion from Today.Wherever you will be,you will take control of everything. You shall never be a victim of any circumstance from today. remember, your words are powerful and no one is allowed to argue with your authority(Eccles 8:4).

Proclaim-“I am King and Today I shall reign everywhere i go and in everything i do”

So shall it be in Jesus Name.

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