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Your words contribute only 7% of your communication,your tone contributes to 38% of your communication and your body language contributes to 55% of your communication.In fact the higher percentage of your success lies in your ability to communicate more clearly and simply.

Your communication pattern and tendency is a measure that people will use to judge your ability and offer you opportunity;therefore Read more

7 Qualities to make you a Visionary Leader

1. They are imaginative
Visionary people can visualize things easily. When you talk to visionary leaders you can recognize them from the rest of the crowd because of their imagination. Visionaries can imagine future possibilities in their minds and then explain what they have imagined clearly. They imagine things that others cannot imagine. Through their imagination they can draw future possibilities for their organization/National. Read more

These are what Leaders do to achieve their vision

  1. They didn’t use excuses.

We all have two voices. There’s the voice that tells us to work hard, to focus on the task at hand and to finish it before we move on to the next. And to finish it well.

We also have the voice that tells us to take a break, to think about what’s on TV, or to visit a site that we like to visit that entertains us – whether it’s or FACEBOOK. Read more