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Career Advice:How to win Favor from your Boss


Every individual is aspiring for more success in his career,however for anyone to move from one level to another level there must be conscious efforts engaged to change levels.Winning favor at work place is not a coincidence but rather a result of your determined and conscious efforts to attract attention.The good thing is whoever learns the principles and applies them,he get registered to the book of favor..

remember that you don’t have to beg for favor;you create an atmosphere to attract favor
.You can do this byBecoming more consistent

Consistence speaks of your trustworthy and value people are placing on you,the decision to become consistent in your actions,words and behavior makes it easy for someone to trust you.No one likes someone who is unpredictable and is considered of wavering status every time.The more you can display your consistence in doing your work,meeting deadlines and displaying excellence in your work.

There are people who during the first days of their job they go very early to work but once they get used they become inconsistency.Have you ever seen your work colleagues who always come early to the office as long as the boss is around but once they know their boss isn’t not in the office they will delay.This is inconsistency pattern that dries favor from you.When you decide to be the man/woman of excellence let it be your standard and let everyone know that your work is always of higher standard.The more consistence you become the more favor you win.

Be dependable

Dependability is a situation where by when you are given a job you will not require close followup and tight marking before you deliver.Is the situation that your boss will need slight review to your work.It is the situation that is defined by making small humanly mistake instead of significant professional mistake that isn’t expected from you.One thing that has ruined the ability of people to be dependable is an attitude of “neglect”;to neglect means the failure to give the proper and needed attention.

The lack of attention in what we do,we say and what we hear can lead to the development of this deadly attitude at work place.When your boss is speaking to you;listen in details and i advice that you always have some where to note the details for easy reference.I remember someone said-“Never trust your memory” in the sense that acquire the habit of recording things either in paper or in your electronic device.Every time you request your boss to repeat something that you wouldn’t ask him if you would have jotted it down,you are degrading your dependable level which takes away favor.

When you are given an assignment,never wait to be asked twice before you report back;reporting on the important milestone of the progress or challenges give an opportunity to help your superior to make right decision as well as knowing that you are doing something about it.

Always Be Honest

Nothing takes away favor easily than when someone discovers that you are dishonest with them.I understand that lying looks very easy way to get away of the challenge with minimal pain,but the truth is every lie you start you will need another lie to cover it and the chain goes on.If yo keep observing the above two qualities and then becomes honest in everything you become unstoppable.

Have you ever listened to someone telling you something and you get an instinct that s/he is lying?and when you took much efforts you came to discover that s/he lied?This is the same with everyone.Every time you lie to someone there is a level of instinct that will tell them that you are lying..and once they confirm this.Your trust will go to negative and you can never be favored.

Just remember that You do not beg for favor,you create atmosphere for you to be favored.

See You At The Top,


I believe in your DREAM,

I believe in your ABILITIES,

I believe in your FUTURE,

Joel Arthur Nanauka.

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