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5 Minutes:Learn 5 Things that will make your day a great Success


The philosophy of having great life is based on doing small things that look so insignificant when you keep on doing them. However, the greatness you achieve in your life is the product of building blocks that you keep on fixing them each and every day.Success is the product of consistence efforts into the right direction; there are Five things in Five minutes reading that would help you to become better today:

1) Read something new
The more you know the more valuable you become those who ignore reading they are ignored when they want to lead. Don’t just read anything, but rather pick something that will add value in your life.

2) Learn to keep Time
Time is your most precious non-renewable resource. Whomever you are spending your time which, you are spending your part of life. Therefore, spending your time wisely is simply spending your life wisely. Be wise; use your time for what is important only.

3) Accept defeat but never give up
Loosing is reality but giving up is the choice. Whichever condition you find yourself in, make sure you don’t give up. Giving up means the refusal to try again simply because you failed in the past. Whatever didn’t work yesterday can work for you today. Give it another try and you will be surprised with the results.

4) Accept Correction and Challenges
One thing that will limit your success in life is the failure to accept that you need to change. Many people have thought that, those who correct them they don’t love them but the truth is they; love you most. In every correction, there is a lesson to learn. Focus on the LESSONS and not on the PERSON.

5) Revisit your plans
Plans are your guidelines in pursuing your goals and dreams; however they are of no use if you just write them in January and come back to them in December. There are many things that will keep changing as you move on.
Sometimes what you draw on board is significantly different from the reality; revisiting your plans will help you to know what to do so that you remain in track. Go back to your plans again today.

I believe in your DREAM,
I believe in your ABILITIES
I believe in your FUTURE.

Joel Arthur Nanauka

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