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4 Ways to make your Weekend the Best Experience


Just like every car that has been on the road for many mileage would need to attend service, likewise your weekend has been designed to service your body, Spirit and Brain for better next week.However,many people have been so ineffective on weekends simply because they have never been able to plan to maximize the benefit of them. Successful people are serious on how they plan and use their weekend. There are three practical ways of making your weekend of great success:

1) Get time to revive your important networks (Family,Friends,Profession)

Being busy for the whole week, sometimes we forget to pay the needed attention to those people who are dear to us. As you approach the weekend this time, have a clear plan to revive your relationships and to remember important people in your life.
Get time to call your parents and let them know that you remember them; spend more time with your spouse and children, get hold of your longtime friends, remember those who helped you in the past and call them just to show you appreciate their help.

2) Revisit your Major goals

Sometimes we get lost to the daily trivial activities and forget on our major goals that should take the best of our attention. Weekends are the moments to go back to the basic and get to know if you are heading to the same direction as you planned or something needs to be done.
Get back your 2015 year resolution and find out the items that needs your immediate attention. The plan that is not revised regularly will never be realized on time and with great impact.

3)Use at least Two hours to map your coming week

The research in personal development area shows that, for every one minute you use in planning, you will save at least 10 minutes in implementation. Before, your weekend is over remembered to sit down and view your week in advance.

The more you have the picture of your week clear in your mind, the more focused you will become and the more effective your coming week will be. Never start your new week without planning for it.

4) Add value for personal development

Weekends are not only made for resting and entertainment but also for investment on your personal abilities. Your value in life is the function of your competence; the more you acquire new skills the more you are valued and you fetch more money.

Find something that will add value to your profession/career, family matters or the new skills you want to achieve. Learn to invest your money and Time in adding value. Whatever you couldn’t do on weekdays, find time to do it on weekends. Attend a seminar that will add new skills to you, read a book to add a new insight in your life. Use your Weekends to build more values to your life.

I believe in your DREAM,
I believe in your ABILITIES,
I believe in your FUTURE.
See You At The Top.
Joel Arthur Nanauka

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