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3 Ways to change the Lives of People around you


Most of us would think of having a lot of money or a big title before we make any difference in someone’s life close to us.As a result we fail to do what we could do simply because we can’t do the big thing that we wanted to do ,however i have learnt that there are simple ways we can change the lives of those around us:

Never allow what you cannot do stops you from doing what you can do

1)Show Love

One way to change people is to love them,not because of how good they are but just because they are part of our lives.If you wait for the perfect person to love so that you can help you will find none in your life.Every one has some flaws that will discourage us from being good to them in one way or another.

The best way to change their lives is to continue being good to them even when they have displayed a bad thing that has hurt you.The more you do good to those who least expected,the more you change their lives and attitude.It might take long,but it will ultimately change them.Love,Love,Love-This is the powerful force that no one is able to resist.Show it to someone today.

2)Be Sensitive

Acting like you don’t mind how others feel from your actions to them and your words will always make you a repelling force.Every time you are doing or saying something be sensitive to know the implication of what you are involving yourself in.This doesn’t mean you are trying to please everyone but rather you are trying to be empathetic.

Never be selfish by only thinking from your side without thinking of what others are feeling.The more you make others feel better and comfortable the more comfortable you become yourself.

3)Forgive Quickly

Bitterness has got power to reduce your thinking ability and also creates negative atmosphere around your life.You may even think those people who are always bitter around your life and you can tell how uncomfortable it is to be around them.Like wise when you fail to forgive and remain bitter in your heart,even when you have not said it,you will create the negative signals unconsciously that will chase everyone away from your life.

Observe and practice these Today and change someone’s Life.


I believe in your DREAM,

I believe in your ABILITIES,

I believe in your FUTURE,

See You At the Top.


Joel A. Nanauka.

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