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Buhari Signing photo

“You have voted for change”, these were the words of the president-elect Mahammadu buhari on 31 March after being very clear that he will succeed Goodluck Jonathan after a landslide victory for Nigeria presidency.

Behind his success there are 3 great lessons that need to be learned by any person who wants to be successful;

1) Don’t be scared by your age, it’s never too late.
If there is anyone who would have been scared by his old age was Mahammudu Buhari.Being 72 years was enough reason for him to quit the race of becoming the president of Nigeria.

Among many things that were said by his opponents was that his health status was so weak because of his age. His ability to refuse to be intimidated by his age was the gateway to his enthronement today.
How old are you now? Just remember, Buhari became the president at the age of 72;you can achieve your dream also.
Say to yourself “I am not too late to pursue my dream”

2) Even when you lost in the past you can still win today.
The first attempt to run for presidency he made it on 2003, the second attempt in 2007 and the third attempt was in 2011 and the fourth attempt after 12 years that made him a winner was that of 2015.

It took him courage and persistence to become what he wanted in life. This tells you sometimes we would need to try more than once to get what we want. I believe there are many people who considered him an experienced looser, but for him in every defeat he took the lessons home with him.

Can you imagine if he had quitted after the first time? What if he stopped after the second time by saying he wasn’t born to become the president? Where would he be if he had left the race on the third time by saying he ahead tried enough times?
It doesn’t matter how many times you have lost you; be determined to try again and you shall win.

3) Make most of today’s opportunities to win tomorrow
One of the reasons that made the Nigerians believe so much in Buhari was his record when he was the military ruler in 1983; his strong stance against corruption and indiscipline is so much believed to be the critical factors of his victory above his autocratic nature and believed violations of human rights. People believe so much that at such time as this, his military background would be a key success in dealing with Boko Haram and rampant corruption in Nigeria.

The reputation and goodwill that you are creating today is your ladder to climb your throne tomorrow. Whatever you are doing today, keep in mind that it is your lifting force tomorrow. Wherever you are today, use it as a spring board to create your better future tomorrow.
Everything matters…..whatever you do matters…Do it with excellence.

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I believe in your DREAM,
I believe in your ABILITY,
I believe in your FUTURE,
See You At The Top.

Joel A. Nanauka.

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