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3 Behaviors to Avoid that attract poverty


I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t want to become successful;but the genuine question remains-Why many want to be successful but few become so?The answer to this is that either becoming successful or unsuccessful is the result of your behavior rather than your determination.

Today,i want us to determine three simple behavior that have strongly attracted poverty to people without their intention;

1)Hating instead of learning

It is sad when i see people hating those who have become successful instead of learning from them.The law of cause and effect will help you to know that if you know what they have done to get what they have you can do the same and get what you want.

Instead of speaking negative of those who have made it in their field;take trouble and find what is the positive thing you can learn from them.Don’t join the who always speak bad of others;even at the worst person life there are few positive lessons you can learn.Ask yourself..What lessons can i learn from this one?

2)Spending above your Means

If you keep spending beyond what you any for any reason;poverty is knocking at your door.The principle in becoming more successful requires that you spend within your means no matter what.

One of the force that pushes people to spend beyond their means is the desire to win credit before others and to show them they are “somebody”.Those who have made it in life there was a time in their lives when they had to take shame and being despised to allow better future.NEVER TRY TO PROVE TO ANYBODY who you are and what you can do,be yourself.If you can’t afford the expensive house for now;don’t borrow to live in one;rent the one at your means.If you can’t afford to buy expensive handbag now;be comfortable to use the cheap one.The time will come when you will have whatever you want.Don’t help poverty to come into your life by over-expenditures.

3)Ignorance about finances,Investment and Business

Ignorance is the source of many challenges that people are facing today.One area that ignorance is very rampant is in finances,investment and Business.It is sad that these things are not taught in formal education hence leaving many unaware of their meaning.

In our society it seems like the knowledge in these areas is reserved for specific people;however the truth of the matter is anyone can equip himself for better result.The more you are understand how they work,the more you are positioned to get better result.

Today;resolve to acquire certain skills in these areas to empower your knowledge and understanding.Depending on what you want to do;find the respective source either a book,attend a seminar,read an article or video to learn from.

If you ignore these small behaviors over the long period of time they become the source of povverty in your life.

See You At The Top,


I believe in your DREAM,

I believe in your ABILITIES,

I believe in your FUTURE,

Joel Arthur Nanauka

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