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“I am tired of this job, I want another job” This were the words of smart young man who wanted to change his job for better paying job. Since he desired that I advised something to him, I responded with calm trying to dig down what was the issue behind the desire to change the job. The answer was the common one like many people would give, “I want to be paid more money”. In response to these as I had few minutes before I board the plane, I shared with him 3 ways in which he could change his job which I think they can help you.

1) Do more than what you are paid for.
Important thing that you would need to understand is that; your contribution determines your value. The more you produce more in your assignment the more you are guaranteed to earn more. In this point I have to mention that; you would need to differentiate between productivity and activity.
Activity is what you do but productivity is the result/impact you produce. In everything you do ask yourself this question: What impact/result am I producing from what I am doing. People with high productivity are easily noticed; in fact many of those who get the best job are through recommendations due to their results and impact.

2) Increase your ability
One of the practical lesson I have learnt in my life is that; people will not pay you only because of what you are doing but most importantly who you are (the abilities you display).It is unfair to demand new level of income without having a new level of ability in your field.
Making many applications is not the only way to find a new job but rather ask yourself these questions:
-What higher job do I want to get?
-What value should I add to change my current job? (short course, getting global certification etc)
The more you add your abilities, the more you become peculiar and you open new opportunities for yourself.

3) Maintain positive relations with your current employer
One of the mistake that many people have done in their lives is to ruin their relationship with their current employer just because they are planning to quit their job. The world is very small; you may meet with anyone at any time without notice.
The best way to leave your current job is to be the best in terms of relationship and performance. In fact be at your best to leave positive legacy before moving to another job.
If you observe this, you are on your way to your dream job.Most of the smart employer will communiccate to your former employer for recommendations;play smart.
I believe in your DREAM,
I believe in your ABILITY,
I believe in your FUTURE,
Joel A. Nanauka

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